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What To Wear To A Wedding: Outfit Ideas

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

If you're reading this, then you're probably either due to attend a wedding at some point in the near future, or you're curious about whether or not there are some sort of 'rules' about what you should or indeed shouldn't wear.

First of all, you won't 'outshine' the bride and groom, because they are literally THE BRIDE AND GROOM! Having said that, it does go without saying not to do in a bridal gown Miss Havisham style etc etc. Wear whatever colour you like, as long as it's not been specified in the invite not to. Also, wearing vintage to a wedding DEFINITELY means nobody will be wearing the same thing as you!

What To Wear To A Wedding: Outfit Ideas


You'll be waiting around a long time, moving about and eating a tonne of delicious food (hopefully), so you want something that you can move in and not be uncomfortable in. Maxi dresses are great as they keep you covered on the legs keeping you warm and you have no risk of flashing whilst spinning on the dance floor! They instantly make you embody elegance and are usually my go to.


You don't HAVE to wear a dress for it to be formal and romantic, or super chic and stylish. Try wearing a top with wide leg trousers or cigarette pants with chunky heels and statement jewellery. Mix and match prints, metallics or fabrics for a luxe look! Do a monochromatic look like I've put together here with the green shirt, or pull out a colour from a print and then team some accessories with it.

Shop here for vintage tops! Your guaranteed way of knowing NOBODY will be wearing the same fit:


Black is VERSATILE AND TIMELESS and gone are the days that we don't wear black at weddings, so invest in a vintage LBD that will make an appearance again, and again, boasting it's timeless and adaptable nature. Hair up, hair down, platform heels, stilettos, mules, fine pared back jewellery, oversized statement jewellery, colourful jewellery or a hair accessory, a dainty handbag, a clutch, beads, sequins, feathers.....etc etc...

The list is as long as my arm about how different an outfit can feel just by changing one of these elements within your looks.

See some of my faves in store right now:

4. You CAN do metallic.

You don't have to dress up like a disco ball if you don't want to, or if it feels OTT to you (NOTHING is OTT for me!) but sequins and metallics don't just mean festivals. Try paring it back with daintier and more formal accessories if you're worried. Use natural textures to keep it grounded such as raffia or coordinate with other metallics for a cohesive look.

See these 3 stunners:


There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and cold, so make sure you have enough layers and feel good in what you choose to wear. For my sixth form prom I was so nervous and wanted to look incredible so I had my makeup done at the MAC counter in Fenwicks Canterbury and and was done up to the nines, but didn't feel like me. It felt ok but I hated what I saw in the mirror. From that moment on, when getting ready for weddings, or events I have to remember this feeling of preferring what I would do or choose rather than trying to be something I wasn't. Be you, and that's the most beautiful.

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