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How Can I Make My Clothes Breastfeeding Friendly?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Since having my shop, I've met so many wonderful women throughout the years, and with that, I've been privileged enough to see lots of them go on to have babies. When I had my shop on King Street, Margate, my shop was always a a safe space for people, and that included needing to feed their babies if they chose and were able to breastfeed.

I am yet to discover this rollercoaster of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood, however completely understand how one's body must change so much that so might their identity, style and confidence in what they wear.

How Can I Make My Clothes Breastfeeding Friendly?

Our clothing is so closely linked with how we feel about ourselves and our identity, and needing to access one part of the body quite frequently will of course impact on our ability to wear certain things or the thing we used to wear. I hate the idea that someone's choice in clothing is then restricted due to this and let's be honest, lots of maternity friendly fashion that is advertised all around is is BORING!!

A brand who really focusses on key mum friendly vintage is Jen at Moon Mama Vintage - she's brilliant and I love her style so much!

One of my lovely customers has said, "Shopping vintage is so much more fun than these horrible maternity styles (in my opinion)" , "I love with vintage fashion that size labels don't really matter and you can style them as you please", "The maternity uniforms always sadden me a bit--- function before style in boring colours..really sad message to new mothers, and so wasteful."

It goes without saying that anything tight around the body or that zips up at the back is often harder to breastfeed in, in in the nature of one of my core values being accessibility to quality vintage, I have added a 'Breastfeeding Friendly' category on my website. This will include anything that is button down or loose enough to access the area more easily.

I hope that it encourages new mums to enjoy their love of fashion and colour still, and makes them feel good about themselves.

See some of my top breastfeeding friendly pieces here:

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