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Designer Inspired Styling With Vintage #2

Hey! I'm glad you're here, reading this and soaking up all I have to scream and shout about to do with styling, and using vintage or secondhand in this. I'm going to be writing about colour theory a little later, so stick around for that too ! It changed how I dress and what I look for in what I wear.

I ADORE fashion, the boldness, the experimentation, the wonder, the art, and all that goes with it and in between and around it. For me, it's all about feeling, and your clothing being such a huge part of that.

I went down a rabbit hole on Pinterest as I usually do, browsing runway archives to take in the incredible styling and theatrics of the past. I loved stumbling across the Todd Oldham spring collections of the 90s and how bold they are. As much as I love bright colours and colour blocking, I also am brought so much joy by incredible patterns. They are almost always inspired by historical textile and pattern design somewhere, at some point in time.

Do it in vintage

Tartan Dress - STYLED

I love the idea of tonal mixing, so for this look I combined the caramel squares shirt, velour argyle jacket and a tangerine skirt to stay within the same colour spectrum!

Timeless vintage shirts are a staple for any wardrobe! I have a great selection available right now. Remember, I only list things in modern day sizing with some wiggle room to boot. I take no notice of the labels in the clothing and make sure I measure well, however I always welcome further questions before purchasing, so feel free to message me on Instagram of via email :

Shirts are great because you can really dress them up or dress them down depending on what you pair it with! I label the button downs as breastfeeding friendly too, as I know it can be a barrier to wearing and styling vintage. Here are some of the amazing prints and detailing from what is available on the website at the moment. And don't forget, theres's only ever one of everything!

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