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How to dress like Bella Baxter from Poor Things

Pretty Things ahead!

The world has fallen absolutely head over heels in love with the incredible costumed in Poor Things, the sensational film out with Emma Stone. The whimsical, gritty, victoriana and theatrical styled emanate throughout everything from the soundtrack, to the camera lens, and of course the costume and set. We wish to be transported in our dressing up, to a place of self discovery and theatrics, and I knew I had to do a mini edit inspired by Bella Baxter's wardrobe!

“It’s like a five-year-old dressing herself from her mother’s wardrobe,” says costume designer Holly Waddington. “It’s this discordance, but it’s playful.”

Poor Things in vintage

If you haven't seen the film yet, here are some of the most iconic looks:

How to dress like Bella Baxter from Poor Things by

Diving into this mini edit of romantic lace, ruffles, drama, victoriana high necks and beautiful shapes - here are some previews!

This 1970s lace long sleeved maxi dress is certainly giving all the drama, with the high neck, ruffles and sheer sleeves, this is giving The Vampires Wife meets Cecile Bahnsen- Size 10-12 £35

Give me all the new romantic tunes, this raspberry ruffle shirt is a thing of beauty! Size 8-12 £34

This 1980s Betty Barclay number with pussybow, stripes, gold buttons, gold threads and full sleeves is everything! Size 10 and £42

Why do I automatically want to pair this with cowboy boots and a big giant Ganni beret? This lavender blue number with lace and ruffle neckline is just superb and is a size 10-14 and will be £39

A pop of sunshine yellow in seersucker form, with a peplum and midaxi skirt to boot- the shape of this one is gorgeous - Size 10-14 £35

there is more to land in this mini edit! I hope this gives you a taste for now and hope to see you back on the website on Friday evening at 7pm to snap these beauties up and more!

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