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Be Like Barbie - Dress Like Barbie

Hey Barbie!! Yes, I'm back and like the world and their wife I am writing to YOU about BARBIE.

Be Like Barbie - Dress Like Barbie

Dress like Barbie - but make it ethical AND VINTAGE!!!....


Barbie - Beach Scene

Picture this; HUGE sunhat, huge shades and some silly little shoes.... and then add these vintage pieces..

How cute is this 1980s button down dress? It's such a gorgeous colour palette and the print is sensational.

Pairing these trousers and this lime croc print top is 100% 80s & 90s Barbie!


Barbie outfit packet

I mean, these little packets are ICONIC and if anyone can hook line and sinker a date, it's Barbie. I collected these as a kid and oh my word how they have influenced my love of clothing.

Try going for gold with this David Butler by Chartriver Gold Dress Size 10 (now in the sale) or this metallic number; 1950s Satin Silver Dress Size 8

Or if you're after some romantic colour, try this 1960s Cowl Neck Mod Dress Size 12 , Floral Brights 70s Pleat Dress Size 8-10 , 60s Pastel Blue Mod Dress Size 10


Barbie isn't ALL WORK & DATES... she has to make time for her friends too, right?

So let's go for lunch with pals.... Here's some outfit ideas in statement poppy colours and prints:

Barbie and the rockers

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