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Stocked at Selina Margate !!

Hey guys, I don't know if you've seen but Peony Vintage is NOW AVAILABLE at Selina - an incredible boutique hotel brand with a focus on experience, wellness and experiences as well as sustainability. Each location has it's own beautiful restaurant, and the decor in all (the ones I've seen and visited so far!) is to die for!! There are 6 over the UK, but they originated in South America and are all over the world.

Those of you who used to love popping into the shop in Margate Old Town, can now browse a curated permanent retail space in Selina Margate - with the gorgeous sun and plant filled HOWM Restaurant for epic brunch and dinner.

Stocked at Selina !!

Selina Margate

Floral Pastel 80s Dress

If you manage to pop into one and see Peony Vintage, I'd love to hear from you or see some tagged photos or stories on social media!! Let's keep this takeover going 😉

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