Ladies, listen

June 12, 2017

Hello you lovely lot! It's Cervical Screening Awareness Week and I want to take this opportunity to basically ram it down your throat, if you're female, obviously, to go and get your screening when you are bloody well reminded for it. 


It was my first one a couple of months ago. The feeling of, 'Yes, I've made it to womanhood' quickly dissipated.  I've had a coil put in, but even I built the fear of a screening up so much as something which is talked about in such a fearful fashion by so many women.  I was so nervous and my nurse was wonderful. It didn't hurt and was over in a few minutes. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, this isn't where it ends. I got a letter 3 weeks after which scared the hell out of me. It said that I needed a colposcopy and that I would receive an appointment from the hospital for this. My heart sunk to my chest, and I cried. I didn't understand how this could be happening from my first ever smear. It doesn't work like that, and the cells don't discriminate. 


Last week I went to the hospital for the procedure, and my nerves were worse than before. I cried before I even got undressed and thank god my partner was there to stop me falling apart completely. After the wonders of modern technology and a couple of very wonderful and dedicated medical staff had a look, they told me I needed a biopsy. I broke down even more and the fear that set in was like nothing I had ever felt before. I crushed my love's hand and had two biopsies taken from my cervix. I remember hyperventilating and saying "will it hurt?" over and over again. I have no idea why this was so important at the time. 

To let you all know- it's fine. Just do it, please, for the love of anything higher than you, please just do it. You've already got your legs open and I did feel a bit like this... 

(just a short pointless video to lighten the mood around here..)


It looks as though I will probably need LLETZ procedure to get rid of the pre-cancerous cells. For heaven's sake, do not go googling videos or pictures of this as they're pretty graphic and will probably scare you. The bottom line is ladies, (no pun intended) that if you do not have your screening and possible colposcopy if needed, you are putting your own life at risk. It was explained to me that there is a 10 year timeline, and seeing as we are only invited for screenings every 3 years up to the age of 49 and every 5 from 50-65, it could potentially take only two missed screenings for you to have developed full blown cervical cancer. When I'm asked where i'd like to see myself at 35, the answer isn't dead. If I had panicked, put it off, just thought I would be fine and ignored it, that is where I would be.  To all of us, borderline, normal, abnormal, those who are waiting for LLETZ, those who have had LETTZ, those who are battling cervical cancer, and those who have lost their lives to it, I wish you all of my love from the bottom of my heart and I admire each and every one of you. 




So ladies, take the time off of work, book an appointment, just freakin go. We may try to be wonderwomen, but our cervix's need a little help from time to time, and we are so lucky to have what we have here to help us.

Big love, Georgie xxxxx 



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