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Vintage Fashion: Timeless Trends in 2023 

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Vintage fashion is more popular than ever, seeing as it's quite literally already existing clothing you can invest in which is the most sustainable option. See my article : Why Is Vintage Better Than Fast Fashion ?

Vintage Fashion: Timeless Trends in 2023 

1950s Dresses & Skirts

The love for Carrie Bradshaw's style is never far away, reminding us of how chic a 1950s sillhouette can be - think of the cinched in waist and flared skirt. Think extravagance, detail, sheer materials. Lots of 1980s dresses and tops emulate these kinds of silhouettes too, but usually with an added extravagance of a peplum or shoulder pad. There's nothing wrong with these at all, and in fact 1980s shirts and dresses are usually always in stock here as they boast such fun colours and patterns. I love 1980s shirts as I can find these in really inclusive sizes and have such amazing detailing.

1960s Mini & Cocktail Dresses

A mod dress is a classic, and will always be timeless. I love 1960s dresses for their psychedelic prints and also their shorter skirt. They are perfect for making a statement with a flat shoe or sandal and easy to wear. These tend to be in fun, bright and poppy colours which are what I'm all about at Peony Vintage.

1970s Maxi Dresses & Day Dresses

Florence, Daisy Jones & The Six; need I say more?

The 1970s have fashion COVERED and is probably what I wear the most. The dresses in the 70s were able to be longer, boasting floaty overlays over integral linings and amazing sleeves. The 70s provided us with lots of everyday shift style dresses which are less formal too.

1980s Jackets & Shirts

Think incredible detailing, extravagance, bold colour and print and you're there.

I really love the buttons you find on original 80s clothing, and every piece has something very special about it. Everyone always thinks of the leg warmers, leotards and plastic beads, but fashion was much more refined than that. Think power suits, skirt suits, huge silhouettes, oversized and boxy fits, SMART CASUAL. It birthed the punk, rebellion and political power of fashion.

1990s Dresses & Tops

Vintage is anything over 20 years old, and much to lots of people's annoyance, the 90s is now DEFINITELY vintage when it comes to clothing! We are seeing a resurgence of the slip dress and summer dress with bias cut and the continuation of the love of plaid from the 1980s also shines through in this aesthetic. It's a bit marmite at the moment, but I'm feeling it and can't wait to see what else comes back around.

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