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Hey Barbie! What Barbie Would Wear 

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Obsessed with Barbie like me? Find these Barbie pinks in our current collection now.

So what would Barbie wear?

Barbie Movie

Gosh I can't wait!

These are all available to buy, just tap the Buy Now , and don't forget to use your discount code if you're a newsletter subscriber.

This dress has everything!! The jewelled buttons and pleat skirt is stunning.

A cape overlay dress? Say no more. Think Barbie at a pool party.

Barbie goes to do something important:

Barbie wears this with a giant tulle skirt to go to the Opera right?

Barbie pops to the shops with a big hat vibes:

Barbie wears this to sit and drink coffee with her friends....

Barbie wears this for her first date....

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